Midterms: Summary

By Brian 

Midterms: Klein Must Be Giddy About CNN’s Election Night “Triumph Over FNC”

Midterms: Cable #’s Settle; FNC Back At #1

Midterms: Couric “Was Saddled With 2 Of The Dullest Analysts On TV”

Midterms: CNN #1 On Wednesday

Midterms: ABC & CNN, Surprise Victors

Midterms: 31 Million Tune To Coverage

Midterms: What Brit Wants, Brit Gets

Midterms: “We Rocked;” The Networks Give Themselves Glowing Reviews

Midterms: ABC Loses Most Of “Dancing” Lead-In, But “Vote” Is Still #1 Among Nets

Midterms: NBC Nightly News #1 On Tues.

Midterms: CNN Tops FNC In 25-54 Demo

Midterms: “Best Competitive Ratings In Recent Memory” For MSNBC

Midterms: All The Cablers Are Up Vs. 2002; Third Place MSNBC Increases Share

Midterms: Nancy Pelosi’s Media Tour

Midterms: Who Got The Least Sleep?

Midterms: WX Delays Couric’s DC Arrival

Midterms: Heavy Traffic On MSNBC.com

Midterms: An Hour Of ‘Nightly News’

Midterms: “A Wake” On Fox News; “Times Square” Graphics Overload On CNN

Midterms: Mixed Reviews Of Couric

Midterms: Booh-ya!

Midterms: Doubting The Exit Polls

Midterms: Morning Papers Part 2

Midterms: Morning Papers Part 1

Midterms: Gibson’s “Love & Knowledge Of Politics Deepened ABC’s Coverage”

Midterms: CNN Likes Bloggers…

Midterms: …Bloggers Like CNN

Midterms: FNC Stopped Relying On NEP

Midterms: ABC #1 In Overnights

Midterms: Early Morning Cable Coverage

Midterms: CNN’s Always-On Ticker; Gibson’s Tidy Set; Olbermann’s Jokes

Midterms: NBC 1st To Call House For Dems

Midterms: FNC’s “Core” Audience Faces Bad News On An Election Night

Midterms: Behind The Scenes At CNN

Midterms: More Comments From Viewers

Midterms: Comments From Viewers

Midterms: The Viewer Polls Are Open

Midterms: 1st Cliche Of The Coverage

Midterms: Cool Tools On News Web Sites

Midterms: Blogging Along With CNN

Midterms: Everything’s On The Wall At CNN

Midterms: The Evening News Intros

Midterms: “The World’s Watching This… It’s All About Iraq,” Matthews Says

Midterms: FNC’s Phone Polls In 7 States

Shocking News On Election Day

Midterms: Covering Voter Irregularities

Midterms: I’ll Drink To That

Midterms: Hemmer In OH, Cavuto In AZ

Midterms: ABC To Start Coverage At 9:30

Midterms: C-SPAN Aired 161 Debates

Midterms: Shuster’s “Intimidation?” Scoop

Midterms: Media En Masse In Ohio

Midterms: “Wolf for Senate”

Midterms: Rather Will “Play It Straight” On His Comedy Central Premiere

Midterms: Syler In NJ, Smith In VA

Midterms: Shep Live At 5pm Tuesday

Midterms: Football Night Election Night

Midterms: Adding Staff On The Web Side

Midterms: CBS Downplaying Expectations For Couric; “This Is Like Round 1”

Midterms: Cable Newsers Likely To “Narrow The Gap” With Broadcast Nets

Midterms: Tracking Tucker’s Tie

Midterms: “Something Majestic”

Midterms: Couric In D.C. On Wednesday

Midterms: Rather, Stewart, & Colbert

Midterms: Lots Of Video On The Web

Midterms: Monday Notes & Quotes