Midterms: More Comments From Viewers

By Brian 

> “Very smart move by NBC having Tom Brokaw involved in coverage. He along with Charlie Gibson on ABC and Brit Hume on FOX are elder statesmen who are refreshing and comforting on nights like these.”

> “Fox News has the easiest manner of all the cable nets. No hysteria, no high tech set with bells and whistles. Simplicity wins this race and they’re way ahead of the others in this regard.”

> “The CNN blogging thing is navel gazing to an extreme. It’s almost counterproductive. Just one massive echo chamber.”

> “Is anyone else noticing that Larry King isn’t getting much air time during his two-hour special tonight? They are only throwing to him for a couple of interviews..he is by NO MEANS anchoring.”

> An e-mailer says CNN is a snooooze: “I’ve been watching MSNBC all night and have found the talk really knowledgeable and engaging. I just switched to CNN and James Carville’s voice is putting me to sleep — wow this channel is brutal.”