Midterms: ABC’s Plans For Election Day

By Brian 

“ABC News will broadcast live, one-hour specials on the November 2006 mid-term elections” on Nov. 7 at 10pm ET and 10pm PT. The “Vote 2006” specials “will be made available to all ABC stations,” the network says.

Charles Gibson will anchor from New York, joined by George Stephanopoulos.

In addition to the specials, “ABC News will broadcast four brief live updates with the latest results at the top and bottom of the hours from 8:00 PM ET/PT through 10:00 PM ET/PT.”

Jake Tapper will report from Ohio; Kate Snow will cover the 2008 presidential angle; Martha Raddatz will be at the WH; Cokie Roberts will provide “analysis and historical context;” and George Will, Donna Brazile and Mark Halperin will provide analysis. Terry Moran will anchor Nightline live for the east and west coasts.

> Also: “ABC News Now will also incorporate college and high school students’ perspectives from across the country through their video cell phone, web cam, and camcorder questions and comments sent in to ABCNEWS.com. ABC stations will provide live reports of the local races in their district on ABC News Now.”