Michelle Fields: ‘I Have to Fight Back’

By Mark Joyella 

Michelle Fields, the reporter who today quit her job at Breitbart News, accused the company of joining in a “smear campaign” against her. “My problem is the smearing of my name, my reputation, I have to fight back.”

“I can’t stand with a company that won’t stand for me,” she told Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly. Fields appeared with former Breitbart editor at large Ben Shapiro, who also resigned in protest.

“Once your loyalty to a political campaign trumps your loyalty to your own reporters, I’m out,” Shapiro said.


Last week, Fields accused Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump, of physically yanking her away from Trump as she asked him a question. The campaign at first denied the incident ever happened (video has since emerged of the encounter) before attacking Fields as an attention seeker.

Shapiro accused Breitbart News of choosing access to the Trump campaign over defending its own reporter. “I’m disgusted that my mentor Andrew Breitbart started this organization to fight bullies, and in my opinion this organization has turned into an organization that actually promotes bullies in order to get close contact with a bullying campaign.”