Michelle Beadle Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree

By Marcus Vanderberg 

ESPN’s Michelle Beadle is learning the hard way that Michael Vick has a loyal fanbase.

The SportsNation co-host has been vocal on Twitter regarding the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback comments about wanting another dog.

“Vick wants a dog,” Beadle tweeted on Thursday. “He should NEVER be allowed that gift again.Talking about it on show today. Be ready, mouthbreathers!”


Beadle followed it up with, “And because now I’m REALLY fired up..remember what he did the last time he had a dog. TDs don’t get u a pass.” Along with her tweet was a photo of one of the dogs Vick abused. Beadle stood by her stance on Thursday’s episode of SportsNation.

A Twitter search of “@ESPN_Michelle” will show you that Vick supporters feel he’s worthy of a second chance while others feel it’s way too soon for him to start thinking about owning another dog.

Beadle’s comeback this morning?

“Woke up to a very sad display of our nation’s educational system via tweets. Man..are people even trying to speak correct english anymore?”

I really hope that’s not a loaded tweet about Vick supporters. Instead, I’ll just assume that Michelle Beadle wants her Twitter followers to tweet complete sentences in 140 characters or less.

(In case you’re wondering,that last sentence was 130 characters.)