Chris Wallace calls Michele Bachmann to Apologize. Apology Accepted

By Chris Ariens 

Growing up in the Midwest, if the phone rang at dinner time (aka supper time) you didn’t answer it.

Well last night, Iowa native and Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann’s phone rang right in the middle of supper. It was Fox News’ Chris Wallace calling to apologize for asking Bachmann on his show Sunday if she’s a flake. Bachmann told Sean Hannity last night:

“I got a call at supper time this evening from Chris Wallace and he offered his apology to me directly. I had not heard from him until supper time today. When he called, he did apologize and I was happy to accept his apology and we’ll move on.”


There. Now that’s settled. Wallace can continue to enjoy his vacation and Michele Bachmann can continue running for president.