Michael Wilbon Feels The Backlash For His "Zenyatta Burgers" Comments

By Marcus Vanderberg 

You really don’t want to piss off horse racing fans.

Michael Wilbon found out the hard way on Friday after his comments about Zenyatta on Pardon the Interruption.

I’d be happier if we had some Zenyatta burgers,” Wilbon said on Thursday’s show. “It’s about time for that, right?”

Doesn’t sound yummy, and Zipse At The Track didn’t find the humor in Wilbon’s comments. The blog is calling for a boycott of “Wilbuffoon.”

“It is now clear that Wilbon is not a fan of horses either. I can only hope that yesterday’s despicable statement was some miserable attempt at humor, but the fact remains, for any television personality to say that he would like to eat the most popular race horse in the world, is unacceptable.

I propose the following consequences for Wilbuffoon:

Horse racing fans should boycott Pardon the Interruption and anything else involving Wilbuffoon.

Disney should remove him from all programming on ESPN and ABC networks.

And finally…

For Karma’s sake, in his next life Wilbuffoon should come back as a chicken to feel what it is like to be on the opposite end of the food chain.”
If Wilbon came back as a chicken, he would be the best dressed chicken in the coop.