Miami Airport Shooting: More Notes

By Brian 

> 4:23pm: “At 4:11pm, CNN’s Karl Penhaul reports live via telephone from Bogata, Colombia, the country where the flight originated,” an e-mailer says. He explained the airport security process in Colombia…

> 4:18pm: ABC News was the first network to break in, at 2:39pm. It was Bob Woodruff‘s first special report as new co-anchor. He was off the air before CBS interrupted soaps with news. NBC followed third.

> 4:15pm: Shep Smith “has this amazing grasp of what’s going on in Miami,” an e-mailer says. “He knows all the gates and their locations at the airport, the names of the roads around the airport and where they lead to, etc…”

> 4:10pm: “It was good practice for Pipeline…but they stumbled all over the place covering the Miami plane story,” Lost Remote explains…