Menu Madness:’s AJ Daulerio Talks NCAA, Newspapers

By SteveK 

Today on the Morning Media Menu we’re joined by editor AJ Daulerio.

And we’re going to talk about the NCAA bracket. Yes, we’re going to force Glynnis to talk about sports. American sports.

Of course, besides the brackets (and the way the media covers said brackets), we’ll discuss the rest of the major media news of the day, including the Seattle PI going online only (while newspapers Web hits continue to rise as a whole).

He describes how the relationship between ESPN and other traditional outlets and and other new media Websites has evolved. “They’re hiring bloggers, they’re hiring a lot of old newspaper reporters to blog for them,” he said. “For whatever reason it was something that they frowned upon, now all of a sudden they are part of our culture.”

Also discussed: how March Madness affects workplace productivity, the future of newspapers and the infamous Linda Cohn story.

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