Members of Press Corps Have Temperature Taken Before Coronavirus Briefing

By Chris Ariens 

Ahead of a White House press room briefing on Coronavirus preparedness, members of the press corps had their temperatures taken by White House press aides. One person was denied entry.

“Someone came by, a press aide and someone from the White House physician’s office, and took our temperatures,” said CNN White House correspondent Kristen Holmes ahead of the briefing. “Someone was denied entrance here to come into this briefing because their temperature was too high. We are told it was a 99.9 temperature and they were not allowed to come into this briefing,” Holmes added.

The White House says it’s being done out of an abundance of caution.


During his Rose Garden press conference Friday afternoon, President Trump was asked whether he would be getting tested for coronavirus during an exchange with CBS’s Weijia Jiang. Here’s that exchange.