Megyn Kelly on Sexism in Journalism vs. Law, Her ‘Growing Market Power’

By Jordan Chariton 

megyn kelly kelly file 5In an interview with Reuters, Megyn Kelly talks about whether she’s experienced any sexism as a high-profile woman in TV news.

“I had more sexist encounters as a lawyer than I had as a journalist,” Kelly said. “There are so many of us (women) in broadcast journalism that we have more power,” she added, noting it was an “old boys network” when she broke into law in 1995.

And she attributes her placement on TIME’s 100 most influential list to her move to Fox News’ primetime.

I wouldn’t say it’s an accomplishment so much as it’s an acknowledgement of something I felt over the past six or seven months since I’ve taken this job, which is just a growing market power, and that’s good. I guess that’s to be expected when they give you the microphone at 9 p.m. on the Fox News Channel. You’re going to have a bigger profile. You’re going to have a bigger voice.