Megyn Kelly on Roger Ailes, Jon Stewart and Whether She Would Ever Leave Fox News

By Alex Weprin 

Fresh off her first week back on the job, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly talks to Marie Claire about a wide range of subjects.

At the end of the interview, Kelly was asked if she would ever consider leaving FNC, given the revolving-door world of TV news, her response was realistic:

think it’s fair to say that you, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity are quintessentially Fox News personalities. But could you ever see yourself at another network?

Sure. Television can be a very fickle place. One day you’re the bride, the next, the bridesmaid, the next, divorced altogether. So if Fox decides I’m washed up and have to go someplace else, then I’ll go someplace else.

She was also asked about her relationship with FNC CEO Roger Ailes and “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart:

You have a very close relationship with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Tell us something we may not know about him.

Obviously he’s very powerful, a television genius. Even his critics will cop to that. But he is also somebody who looks out for the people who work for him. A couple years ago, I had a very bad stalking problem. I was living alone in D.C. In addition to security Fox provided me, Roger offered to pay out of his own pocket for special dead bolts throughout my home. It was just a small thing, but he didn’t have to do it. I had a boss who cared, and it made me feel better.

What’s it like to be a frequent and favorite target of Jon Stewart?

I find Jon Stewart very funny — except for when he’s making fun of me. [laughs] The problem with Stewart is when people think The Daily Show is actual news, or that he made an attempt to be fair, which I think he would freely admit that he doesn’t.