Megyn Kelly on Donald Trump: ‘He Doesn’t Get to Control the Media’

By Chris Ariens 

There was no way Megyn Kelly could avoid the top elephant in the GOP room on her show tonight. Donald Trump‘s decision to pull out of Thursday’s Fox News debate came just 90 minutes before her show, which quickly became the lead story.

“While he’s made his position clear about me, after that first debate, Roger Ailes made his position clear, too,” Kelly said in a conversation with Brit Hume. “When Trump started it up again this past Saturday and resumed it again and again and again, he was told repeatedly our debate team is settled and then came that Instagram video he put out today.”

“Trump is not used to not controlling things as the chief executive of a large organization,” Kelly added. “But the truth is, he doesn’t get to control the media.”


“Make no mistake about it, Megyn,” said Hume, “This act by Trump will not hurt him a bit among his hard core followers. Whether this is a smart move with regard to the voters in Iowa, who were hoping to get a better sense of him? I don’t know how well this goes down.”