Megyn Kelly Nearly Missed the GOP Debate

By Chris Ariens 

Hours before Thursday’s GOP debate Megyn Kelly got sick.

“I just started to go downhill,” Kelly told Howard Kurtz on MediaBuzz today. “I think it was food poisoning. First the splitting headache and I started to feel nauseous and then I actually got sick and I went to the hotel room to lie down for a little bit and was still sick and then the beautiful, wonderful savior of my life, Dr. David Silverman, of New York called me in anti-nausea medicine.

My assistant was feeding me full of medicine and I was sweating with wash cloth on me at 3 in the afternoon. By 3:47 it was like a ray of light.”


Unfortunately for Donald Trump — and fortunately for Fox News — Kelly made a full recovery had was back at the arena by 5:30. “The power of modern medicine,” Kelly said.