Megyn Kelly: Hillary Clinton ‘Too Chicken’ to Come On Show

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly accused Hillary Clinton Friday night of being “too chicken” to sit for an interview on Kelly’s show, The Kelly File.

In an interview with Clinton supporter Lanny Davis, Kelly expressed frustration that Clinton’s repeated suggestions she would find time to appear on The Kelly File led to nothing with the campaign just days from ending.

Reading from a leaked internal email written by Davis to Clinton’s top adviser John Podesta, “you wrote ‘I propose that the Secretary be on the Megyn Kelly File show (“close enough,” Kelly said in an aside) … it has the potential to be a ratings and media bonanza.'”


That interview, of course, never happened. “And like a bunch of dopes, they rejected your advice,” Kelly said, adding:

“She’s trying to pin herself as some champion of women, and what does she do? She doesn’t even sit down with one of the top female journalists in the country at least,” Kelly said. “One of the only two women in all of primetime in cable news, pretended that we didn’t exist, told us over and over again, ‘Wait until the general, wait until the general’ … Never came. That’s the truth.”