Meet the Press Marks 75-Year Anniversary

By A.J. Katz 

Not only was the Nov. 6, 2022 edition of NBC’s Meet the Press a significant one for being the final broadcast before the midterm elections, it also marked the 75-year anniversary since the public affairs program’s launched in 1947.

During the broadcast’s E block, current moderator Chuck Todd remarked, “We are celebrating our diamond anniversary, 75 years of Meet the Press. It was November 6th, 1947 at 8 p.m. when NBC Television debuted this program. Now more than 3,500 episodes later, we’ve had 12 moderators. Thirteen presidents have answered questions here, including six while in office. Our legacy has evolved with the times, but the goal remains consistent: a fair exchange of views and perspectives that gives our viewers important context on the issues of the day. Here’s a look at some of our memorable moments.”

The broadcast then aired a retrospective of some top interviews from over the years, which included Meet the Press footage of Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney, John Kerry, Shirley Chisholm, Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and more.



In addition to the on-air segment, Meet the Press also launched an interactive website dedicated to some of the show’s 75 most significant moments — from interviews with Jackie Robinson to now-President (then-vp) Joe Biden, JFK, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gloria Steinem, Fidel Castro, John McCain and many, many more.

Here’s the full slate of MTP 75 programming from over the weekend:

  • A Meet the Press marathon streamed on NBC News Now on Saturday and Sunday, featuring archival footage of the show’s groundbreaking interviews and nine rarely seen full episodes, including interviews with Robert F. Kennedy in 1960, Fidel Castro just months after the Cuban Revolution, and Prince Philip during his 1969 North American tour.
  • Meet the Press took over the NBC News YouTube channel, featuring historical shows, interviews, and “best of” moments
  • NBC News Now streamed Best of MTP 75, a 30-minute special broadcast airing on NBC News Now throughout the weekend and featuring a panel discussion with Yamiche Alcindor, Michael Beschloss, Betsy Fischer Martin, and George Will, moderated by Chuck Todd.
  • Meet the Press launched the aforementioned original interactive website showcasing the 75 best moments in Meet the Press history
  • Four archival podcast specials run throughout the month of November reflecting on major themes and moments in Meet the Press history
  • A new essay from Meet the Press Moderator and NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd publishes Sunday on the meaning of being the moderator of the longest-running show on television