Meet the New Guy

By Chris Ariens 

On Monday, Kevin Allocca joined as editor of TVNewser. A week later, he’s still with us.

Chris: How was your first week?

Kevin: “Good. Very hectic. Trying to learn the ropes as quickly as I can. Definitely a lot of fun though. A car chase on Monday. The Jackson coverage on Tuesday. Never dull, that’s for sure.”

Chris What makes you qualified to be just the third editor of TVNewser?

Kevin: “First things first, I love TV news. At my last job, that was my beat, following the networks. That’s the most important thing working at a Website like this. Beyond all the nuts and bolts skills of editing a Website, I’m the kind of person that finds fun, interesting angles on things and likes sharing them with people who have the same interests.”

Chris: Where did you work before

Kevin: “Most recently I was the associate editor at the political satire site 23/6. I used to write posts and produce their video that was based on TV news, some of it made its way on to the networks. Before that I was working as a writer and documentary filmmaker traveling around the world.”

Chris: Where did these films take you?

Kevin: “I’ve covered disaster relief in post-Katrina Biloxi, Mississippi and Cedar Rapids, Iowa after the flooding in 2008. And I’ve also been to the Arctic Circle and Russia for documentaries on Soviet history.”

Chris: What are you most looking forward to as editor of TVNewser?

Kevin: “I’m definitely looking forward to getting such a comprehensive look inside the TV news industry that I enjoy so much. Also, I hope there’s a chance to use the Magic Wall.”

Chris (actually, Blake, our editorial assistant asked this one): When did you know you were a TV News junkie?

Kevin: “Watching political coverage really got me interested. Watching the network coverage during the 2004 presidential election then the mid-terms and into the 2008 election.”

Chris: What’s your favorite color?

Kevin: “Green”

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