McManus “Doggedly Courting” Couric; Today Show Host “Seriously Considering” Move

By Brian 

Katie Couric is being actively wooed by CBS, and she is “seriously considering” the move, “sources at both networks” tell Matea Gold in a Los Angeles Times story this afternoon.

“Three senior editorial employees at CBS and NBC” say Sean McManus “has been doggedly courting Couric to switch networks.” The sources called Couric his “top priority.”

“it’s unclear whether she can formally negotiate a new job until her NBC contract expires in May,” Gold adds…

> NewsBusters: “From what I hear, part of the delay in relaunching “Evening” after Rather’s departure has been that CBS suits are holding out hope for Couric or some other outsider to come in and take the helm, given the lackluster stable of anchors CBS currently has.”