McAuliffe: “I’m Sure it Sent Shivers Up Chris Matthews’ Leg”

By SteveK 

Hot Air has the clips of the heated Terry McAuliffe appearance on MSNBC last night. After Sen. Hillary Clinton‘s victory speech, Keith Olbermann asked the Clinton supporter for his take. “I’m sure it sent shivers up Chris Matthews‘ leg,” he said (apparently in addition to the usual thrills and chills).

Matthews brushed it off at the time, but later took McAuliffe to task for the constant ribbing. “I don’t mind you using me as a punching bag, but at least get it through your head, you’re arguing with a straw man here,” he said. “Everybody in our business of covering politics loves doing it, loves the excitement of it, and has no interest whatever in it ending.”

What followed were some heated cross talk, laughter from Matthews and what the anchor really wants out of the Democratic race.

Head over to Hot Air for that video, or click continued to see the “shivers” clip that set it off…