Maybe Alec Baldwin and Piers Morgan Could… Ah, Nevermind

By Jordan Chariton 

Following the news that his show would soon leave the CNN airwaves, Piers Morgan is seeing support on twitter, including from a former cable news host, who will soon be giving up a life lived in the public eye, and a pop star who’s been out of the public eye since the last millennium.

And Morgan has no plans to stop tweeting about cricket.

In his New York Times column about CNN cancelling Morgan’s show, David Carr said the Brit might have endeared himself to American audiences more if he’d tweeted less about the 18th century game of noblemen. Which led to this Tweet, this morning:

Pietersen is a former cricket player whom Morgan supported during an hour-long Twitter tirade earlier this month. Pietersen came to Morgan’s defense this morning, slamming CNN for ending Morgan’s show.