Matt Lauer Doubles Red Nose Day Donations After Biking into 30 Rock

By Chris Ariens 

When Matt Lauer pedaled into 30 Rock Thursday morning, Savannah Guthrie reported that Lauer’s 226-mile bike ride had raised $150,000 for Red Nose Day charities. 24 hours after the ride, Lauer’s “Tour de Red Nose” raised another $173,000 for a total of $323,000. The announcement was made on Friday’s show.

Lauer thanked the Today crew which helped make it all possible: “You’re not supposed to be able to do a live television show while riding a bike through the back roads of New England but technical crews make that possible.”

NBC’s 3-hour star-studded event Thursday night averaged just 3.2 million viewers, but brought in more than $10 million (as of Thursday night) to help charities fight child poverty.