Matt Jones Departs From

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Matt Jones is leaving six months after joining the website as a writer for their national college basketball blog.

Jones was the mastermind behind who was living the dream of covering college basketball on a national level … or so he thought:

“If there ever was an example of a “square peg/round hole” relationship, my experiment at mainstream writing for CBS would certainly qualify. After the KSR gang did a nationwide road trip for the site 2 years ago, I was brought on to help launch the new college basketball blog and try to bring the sensibilities that we showcased at KSR to a larger audience.


However from the get go, it became clear that what I envisioned for the relationship was not necessarily shared by those in charge. Whereas I thought we could make a blog in which KSR staples such as photoshopped coaches pictures, News and Views and “Fans of the Day” could become staples, CBS understandably wanted to remain a news site and pushed towards more standard reporting. The result was me never feeling completely comfortable and unable to capture the real zest for writing that I had on this site. It culminated in January, when I sat down at my desk to do a blog post and realized I was going to have to write about the effect of an injury on the Virginia Tech defense heading into their “battle” with Clemson. I was so uninterested that I contemplated going back into the legal profession, a signal that I was probably not cut out to be a college basketball national “beat” reporter.”

Tough loss for You aren’t going to find many writers that know more about SEC college hoops than Jones.