FNC’s Maria Molina Out of The Studio and Into the Storm

By A.J. Katz 

Severe weather has been pummeling the central United States in recent days, and Fox News’ meteorologist Maria Molina has been on the scene to cover the action joining her husband Reed Timmer, who is the exclusive storm chaser for AccuWeather and AccuWeather Network. Traveling to treacherous locales and “storm chasing” are activities the couple frequently participate in together. They were even married at an active volcano site.

Molina posted a video of a tornado that hit Wray, Colorado on Saturday, and she is reporting from Wichita, Kansas tracking upcoming severe weather that’s set to hit the region later this afternoon/tonight. Primary weather threats include damaging winds, large hail and possible tornadoes.

“We do storm chase frequently and this is one of the strongest tornadoes that I have been closest to as well,” said Molina. “I do want to mention we were on the south side of that tornado and it’s known that they don’t really move that way. This tornado was moving northward so we were just behind it, keeping our safe distance. Thankfully it was very visible, there wasn’t a lot of rain wrapped around that storm. We felt we were safe and [Reed] is very experienced and has been chasing for almost 20 years.”

Here’s another video from her Twitter account: