Maria Bartiromo to CNBC: ‘They’re Embarrassing Themselves’

By Chris Ariens 

The booking wars are breaking out in Davos.

Network insiders at the World Economic Forum gathering tell TVNewser that a CNBC staffer ribbed Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan as he made his way to a live interview with FBN’s Maria Bartiromo. “Ooooohhh. That’s where your headed. They’re no competition!,” a source tells us the CNBCer said. The live positions of CNBC and FBN are only a short distance from each other.

Bartiromo’s reaction was actually caught on air this morning around 10:10amET. “Look what they’re doing… they’re embarrassing themselves.” (YouTube clip below) Bartiromo, you’ll recall, bolted CNBC for Fox Business last year. This is her first year anchoring from Davos for FBN.


Later, Charlie Gasparino, who is also an ex-CNBCer and who never met a fight he didn’t like, accused a CNBC executive of sending emails to guests seeking exclusivity. Here’s what he told FBN’s Melissa Francis: “They find out we have a guest, they call up that guest, or send them an email, and one of their PR people, a guy named Nick Dunn [editor’s note: he’s actually CNBC’s managing editor], does this. He sends a nasty email to these people saying if you go on their show in Davos, you can’t go on our show.”