Maria Bartiromo Fired… Not By Fox Biz, But Kleinfelds Department Store

By Brian Flood 

If you’ve recently lost a job, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

FNB’s Maria Bartiromo was fired from one of her first jobs because she was a little too excited about her dream wedding. It’s a funny story and she told it while discussing the job market with Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore, Monster svp Joanie Courtney and FBN’s Charles Payne and Dagen McDowell.

“My first job I got fired…I mean I’ll admit that now. I was fired by Kleinfelds department store, was one of my first jobs and when I was the stock girl I would carry all these big wedding dresses that were really heavy. Unfortunately, what I would do is before I would put them back in the stock room I would try on the dresses….and I was dreaming about my own wedding with the veil and my boss kept catching me. She fired me! I learned a very important question early on in my career – do your job,” Bartiromo explained.

It seems that things eventually worked out for Bartiromo. Check out the clip below, the story of her firing is at the 3-minute mark: