Mardi Gras: CBS, CNN, CNBC

By Brian 

Television news networks are deploying plenty of people to the Gulf Coast for the culmination of Mardi Gras early next week. Unfortunately, it appears that most of the anchors are anchoring themselves in New Orleans for a day or two, then rushing back to New York as soon as possible. Here are the coverage plans for CBS, CNN and CNBC, based on recent press releases:

> CBS: The CBS Evening News will originate from New Orleans on Monday and Tuesday. In addition to Bob Schieffer, correspondents Byron Pitts and Kelly Cobiella will contribute to the coverage. The Early Show’s Rene Syler will anchor from NOLA on Tuesday.

> CNN: Anderson Cooper will anchor from the Big Easy beginning Monday. For American Morning, Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien will anchor from Louisiana on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Updated 4:44pm.)

> CNBC: Scott Cohn will report from New Orleans on Monday and Tuesday. Carl Quintanilla will co-anchor Squawk Box from the city on Tuesday, while Dylan Ratigan will be there for On The Money.

> Update: 4:46pm: FNC: Greta Van Susteren is hosting On The Record from Canal Street in New Orleans this week. This weekend, Jamie Colby will host Fox News Live from the same location (2 to 3pm). Bill Hemmer will anchor Fox News Live from the city on Monday and Tuesday.