Mapes, Mitchell, Deutsch, Dimond Not Selling Well At Bookstores

By Brian 

“Americans may consume a lot of media, but not many want to actually read books about it,” Broadcasting & Cable says. “While picking over the remainder table at a Manhattan Barnes & Noble, we were struck by the prominence of recent books by TV personalities. Martha Stewart, Mike Wallace and NBC’s Andrea Mitchell — all are half off.”

These are the numbers through Jan. 1, according to Nielsen Media’s BookScan, “which counts approximately 75% of book sales around the country:”

> Mike Wallace‘s “Between You and Me: A Memoir:” 60,000 sales.

> Andrea Mitchell‘s “Talking Back: …to Presidents, Dictators, and Other Scoundrels:” 26,000 sales.

> Donny Deutsch‘s “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt:” 8,000 sales.

> Mary Mapes‘ “Truth or Duty:” 7,000 sales.

> Diane Dimond‘s “Be Careful Who You Love:” 5,000 sales.

“Some of these books didn’t necessarily sell badly,” B&C notes, “but higher expectations led publishers to print too many copies.”