Mandy Patinkin Studied Bob Simon’s Kidnapping for ‘Homeland’ Research

By Brian Flood 

bobsimon“60 Minutes” senior foreign correspondent Bob Simon visited “Homeland” star Mandy Patinkin on location in South Africa.

For today’s “60 Minutes Overtime” web exclusive, Patinkin took Simon and crew on a tour of the “Homeland” set, which Simon found very realistic. “The extent to which those two blocks look like Pakistan for me was mind-blowing,” Simon recalls. “To see how they created a foreign land was something staggering.”

Simon, who was famously captured by Iraqi forces back in 1991, chronicled his experience in the book, Forty Days. Patinkin’s “Homeland” character is going through a similar experience, and the actor studied Simon’s experience during the first Gulf War to prepare for his role on the show this season.


“I read it [40 Days], twice. It was very educational for me, and it was a kind of research. It mirrors some things in our show,” Patinkin said.

“What Mandy does as an actor is really study up on the role he’s going to play. On “Homeland” this season, Mandy is taken hostage…He asked me a lot of questions about how I felt in this scene, how I felt in that scene, what it was like to be handcuffed behind the back — he just wanted to know everything, Simon said.”

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