Maddow and Cooper are “Agents of Change”

By SteveK 

Rolling Stone magazine has compiled a list of their “RS 100: Agents of Change.” At #1? President Barack Obama.

Two tvnewsers made the list as well. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow came in at #22:

The new face of punditry is not some buxom anchor babe but an unconventionally sexy, nearly six-foot-tall nerd who’s not afraid to brandish her Rhodes scholar wits on national TV. In the 35-year-old Air America host, MSNBC has found a TV presence motivated not by shoutfests and point-scoring but by probing questions, curiosity and intelligent debate. Maddow’s who-cares lesbianism also places her at the leading edge of the image of gay America — that is to say: totally normal.


At #64 is CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

The Voice of God anchorman model. In his serious persona, he doesn’t lose connection with the human toll of what he’s reporting. And he gets his hands dirty, reporting from war zones and from the front lines of the climate crisis in his Planet in Peril series.