Luke Russert: ‘I Know that I am Responsible Not Only to My Job, But Also to My Last Name’

By Chris Ariens 

NBC’s Luke Russert is the subject of a profile in the Buffalo News, hometown newspaper of his late father, Tim Russert. It chronicles Russert’s rough start at NBC in 2008, just weeks after his father had died, to “that watershed Weiner interview” this past June.

While he’s most often compared to his father, Luke Russert also carries the journalistic traits of his mother, Vanity Fair writer, Maureen Orth:

She has passed down to him her “EEEPPP” rule of journalism: energy, enthusiasm, empathy, polite, prepared, persistent.

CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer predicts Russert will end up anchoring a nightly newscast someday: “He just does what

good reporters do. He works all the time, he loves what he’s doing and he gets better at it every day.”

Not surprisingly, then, Russert hears the same question all the time. Does he want to host “Meet the Press” someday?

“Is it my goal that I strive for? No,” he said. “But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching ‘Meet the Press,’ it’s never rule out anything in your future. As you often see with people running for president, they often say something and then look foolish 12 or 30 years later.”