Lou Dobbs Lays Into the LA Times

By Chris Ariens 

Wow. Lou Dobbs went off on LA Times media critic Tim Rutten, over Rutten’s weekend column titled “CNN: Corrupt News Network.” Dobbs spent three and a half minutes of his CNN program calling out Rutten, labeling him a “hack liberal advocate,” a “liberal lily,” “vituperative” and “elitist.” Dobbs said “Rutten’s tortured mind crushed his own sense of reason” when Rutten accused the network of spending too much time on the issue of illegal immigration during last week’s CNN/YouTube debate.

Dobbs’ diatribe was laced with sarcasm (“Mr. Rutten, please pay attention, these are called facts, a media critic doesn’t have to deal with them often”) and filled with polls to prove his point that illegal immigration is a hot topic for voters. It also happens to be Dobbs’ cause celebre.

Dobbs says he invited Rutten on the show to argue his case but Rutten apparently declined. “You’re a lousy media critic,” Dobbs said, “but now you’ve stepped into advocacy and you’re even worse at that.”

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