Los Angeles: City of Car Chases

By Alex Weprin 

There were two, count em, two car chases in Los Angeles this morning, surely making an already depressing commute that much more unbearable for many locals.

For the cable news channels, however, it was perfect Monday morning time-filler.

Fox News and MSNBC carried the first chase, of a robbery suspect, just after 10 AM ET this morning. CNN opted not to carry the chase.

That was the first chase, the second one interrupted an economic speech by President Barack Obama

At around 12:20 PM, FNC and MSNBC carried the second chase, of a stolen car, leaving President Obama’s speech in the process. CNN stayed with the speech, remaining consistent with its decision not to carry the earlier chase.

For the record, both chases ended without a crash, and the suspects apprehended.

Where is Shepard Smith when you need him?