Looking Beyond Primetime For Rosie

By Chris Ariens 

The NYPost‘s Linda Stasi has an idea. If a deal should come to pass, MSNBC shouldn’t put Rosie O’Donnell on during primetime, but rather late night. Stasi writes:

Late night needs a funny new, politically-motivated big mouth and it needs a woman with one. Like Rosie.

Rosie the riveting should go up against the likes of Leno and Letterman, Kimmel, Colbert, Stewart and O’Brien. She’s just as funny as they are – when she’s not suffering from the Hillary Clinton-scolding disease or acting like a mean schoolteacher.

If O’Donnell’s going to have a forum, let it be the right one — where she can attack and be attacked like a grownup. Without a bunch of co-hosts whining that she’s being mean.