“Long Story Short: I Ended A Program On CNN,” Jon Stewart Puffs

By Brian 

“Oh yeah, there’s this funny story about this show I hated…”

Jon Stewart on the subject of Crossfire:

“Long story short: I ended a program on CNN. And I learned that if you hate something, all you have to do is say so and it goes away.”

“I had no idea that that was going to be what it was–even as I did it.”

The comedian spoke to students at George Washington University over the weekend, and FishbowlDC has a recap.

“I felt that Crossfire was the Mississippi of theatrical talking point shows…from which all other shitty shows flowed.”

And finally:

“It was in no way personal. I don’t know Tucker, I don’t pretend to know him. He just seemed like a dick that day.”

FishbowlDC has the rest of the highlights…