London Suspect Shot: Notes

By Brian 

> Katie Couric at the top of Today: “Breaking news. More trouble in London. Police have shot and killed a man in a subway station this morning. Was he one of the bombers?”

> Around 5:58am, CNN “interrupted a package on the Clay Aiken charity controversy to bring coverage of the breaking news,” an e-mailer says. I switched to MSNBC which was already providing coverage.”

> CBS aired a special report around 6:05am, according to NewsPath; did the other broadcast nets break in?

> “BBC World has been taking in calls from eyewitnesses, which have provided much more information than the initial police reports,” an e-mailer says. “According to eyewitnesses the suspect was shot five times.”

> 6:26am: “Circumstances surrounding shooting still unclear,” the MSNBC chyron said, as the Imus simulcast continued. Yesterday, it was stupid to keep Imus on the air, but it seemed to work well today.

> FNC’s Amy Kellogg in London: “I can imagine that anyone who’s been touched by seeing any of these things, or been in the tube when [these things have happened], must be very rattled.”