London 7/7: Solidarity With U.K. On FNC

By Brian 

> Fox News pre-empted Dayside; at 1pm, Shep Smith started anchoring. All the primetime shows will focus on “Terror Attacks on London” according to the schedule.

> Today’s Speak Out! subject: Support for Britain. “FOX Fan Central is inviting FNC viewers to post their messages of solidarity and support for Londoners and the British people.” Here are some of the responses…

> FNC’s Brian Kilmeade blogs: “What should be embarrassing is that terrorism was not even a talking point at the G-8 summit!…Can we finally realize that we are at war! Can we please make a global effort against Al Qaeda?”

> Matthew Sheffield points out the fact that Greta Van Susteren has been called out of Aruba: “It’s sad that it took such a tragic event to make television news stop trivializing itself. The comparison to 9/11 and the summer of the shark is just too stark not to note.”