London 7/7: P.M. Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> Fox has tagged it “Terror in London.” On CNN, it’s “London Terror.” MSNBC is calling it “Attacks in London” (and is waving the British flag a lot).

> Bill O’Reilly must be feeling the jet lag. (He was in Ireland this morning, before cutting his vacation short and returning to NYC.) “A couple of buses were also bombed,” he misspoke near the end of the Factor…

> Anderson Cooper and Paula Zahn anchored primetime coverage from CNN’s newsroom at the Time Warner Center in NYC. It looks spiffy… (Update: 10:55am: The studio has been used in the past, but I hope we see it more often in the future. “The newsroom gives the feeling that this is a seriously big news story,” this viewer says.)

> While MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann asked “is the war on terror winnable?” and Paula Zahn wondered “will we ever truly feel safe again?,” Factor guests were discussing how “weak and spineless” Europe is toward terror…

> Strangely enough, all 60 minutes of “Nancy Grace” were devoted to the London attacks. (Lisa Pinto filled in for the vacationing Grace.)

> Mad Money with Jim Cramer was must-see-TV today, because he slowed down for a few minutes to discuss how terrorist incidents effect (or don’t effect) the markets. “After September 11, and after Madrid, we recognize that terrorism is part of the game plan. Part of the game plan,” he said.

> Lost Remote’s Steve Safran says “the victims became the reporters:” “This attack will be remembered for a single grainy, jumpy, silent videophone clip that showed a passenger’s POV from inside one of the subways.”