London 7/7: Closing Note By Peter Jennings

By Brian 

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Tonight’s “World News Tonight” closed with the following note from Peter Jennings, read by Charles Gibson:

 Peter Jennings spent more than 15 years working and living in London, a city he loves. He sends a note tonight to point out what he says is the obvious. And I’m quoting Peter:

 “We are all Londoners this week. And, once again, we are stronger for it. I recognize that eloquent, stoic determination never to give up, as Winston Churchill said during the War. I have been in London and other British cities when they’ve been attacked with unrestrained violence. The perpetrators have always been the losers.”

And then in typically gracious fashion Peter closes by writing:

 “On behalf of all my colleagues at ABC News who did such a terrific job covering this story, Goodnight.”
The broadcast ended without its usual musical fanfare.