London 7/7: Afternoon Notes

By Brian 

> ABC News had a scoop this afternoon: “U.S. authorities tell ABC News that British police have recovered two unexploded bombs from the scene of the terror attacks in London.” ABC aired a special report with the info just before 4pm ET.

> From the Nightly News blog: “The broadcast is looking for amateur video and photographs from this morning’s attacks. If you were there and have the means to send them to us via e-mail, please click here.”

> ICN says Bill O’Reilly is returning from vacation to anchor the Factor tonight.

> From The Corner: “Oh, Please, No: Shep Smith breaking into London coverage to give us horror updates about the kidnapped and missing kids.” No mention of Aruba yet though…

> NBC Mobile uploaded about 25 video clips between 6am and noon, according to the network. NBC and MSNBC coverage was constantly refreshed for the cell phone audience. NBC News Radio is also providing hourly updates.

> NBC’s Brian Williams: “One point I intend to make on tonight’s broadcast is this: the very same tubes that offered such sturdy shelter to the equally-sturdy people of London during the Blitz, today were exactly the wrong place to be.”

> ABC News Radio will broadcast a one-hour special, “Terror Strikes London,” at 7:06pm, with rebroadcasts throughout the night…