London 7/21: Special Reports On The Broadcast Nets; Morning Notes

By Brian 

> 10:30am: CNNI is still simulcasting CNN/U.S., an e-mailer says.

> CBS News was in special report mode for two hours, but they signed off at 10:39am. WCBS in NY is hosting its own special report, heavy on Sky News’ live feed, an e-mailer says.

> In the morning show wars, NBC seemed to take the incidents the most seriously. “While both the Early Show and Today were in coverage, GMA was doing their regular rundown, a story about pandas,” an e-mailer says. But is wall-to-wall coverage really appropriate for the broadcast networks?

(Update: 11:20am: An e-mailer responds: “I disagree with your take about NBC taking it most seriously. ABC was actually first to air a Special Report around 8:25am, WABC did not take it. When GMA came back on air, they again stated what was happening but that information was in short supply, went to their newsbrief including a Panda kicker… then went right back to London.”)

> Brian Williams is now anchoring on NBC, and MSNBC is simulcasting the broadcast. “How can anyone question how much better the viewer is served by having Brian Williams anchor MSNBC’s coverage of today’s events?,” an e-mailer asks. “No one at MSNBC comes close to him in command and ability to deliver the news of the event in a thoroughly professional a manner.”

> Some Fox broadcast affiliates simulcasted Fox News coverage at 10am, a tipster says.

> The Corner is criticizing CBS terrorism analyst Neil Livingstone for saying that this was the first time there had been follow-up attacks after a major terrorist assault. “Hello? Neil? Anthrax? Ever heard of anthrax?”