London 7/21: More Notes

By Brian 

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> A Lost Remote commenter notes that “ is streaming their over-the-air ‘Special Report.” streamed NBC’s special report, as well. Both Web sites linked to it from the top of their home page.

> 11:12am, Brian Williams turned over coverage to MSNBC’s Amy Robach and Randy Meier.

> “CNN is still running the “American Morning” bug in the corner,” an e-mailer notes. “I wonder if they will keep it going until midafternoon like they did last time.”

> “With Harry Smith on vacation, CBS did not let The Early Show people handle the AM special report — they cut to John Roberts instead,” an e-mailer says.

> On “New Terror Strikes London — FNC has continuing coverage.”

> FishBowlNY is watching CNN: “A brief moment of comic relief occurred when they interrupted a correspondent about five minutes ago to cut to President Bush speaking; but when they did, Bush was smiling a goofy smile and talking about how beautiful Freedom was.”

> An e-mailer says: “WNYW (FOX 5) and WWOR (UPN 9) have been broadcasting Fox News Channel since before 9am (but the FNC ticker and logo are not there.. the “Fox News” network logo is there instead).”