Liz Claman Preps For FBN’s ‘Three Days in the Valley’

By Merrill Knox 

Starting tomorrow, Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman will host “Three Days in the Valley,” where she will journey to California for interviews with, among others, CEOs from Pandora, DreamWorks and Intel. Claman talks to Fox News Insider about making the trip for the third year running:

It all started when we were a brand new network in 2008. We kept getting shut out of other industry conferences so, like a true start-up we thought, “Heck, let’s throw our own party!” And you know what? EVERY SINGLE CEO in the Valley supported us. I have to say though that Intel was the first to say, “We like your thinking” and offered to host our first day.

…It’s always been our mandate from the start to bring in the little guys who dream of being with the big wigs. Our first year, we brought in the Twitter guys.  Back then, you couldn’t even get them on Blackberrys and I remember having to ask my producer about 12 times to explain the whole 140-character thing to me before the interview.