Liz Claman on Market Madness: ‘It Feels Horrible, You Need a Xanax Drip, but Calm Down, It Happens’

By Chris Ariens 

FBN’s Liz Claman says the volatility on Wall Street over the last several trading sessions proves the markets are “a little bit of a casino.”

Claman went on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah last night to explain the fluctuations to Noah’s decidedly younger audience.

“Things are better in America right now,” said Claman. “We did start to see a pick-up in growth, we see a little bit more confidence, the stock market has done well, people’s 401ks, I know a lot of you out there have them, but you should all expect that it will fall at a certain point because we see what are called corrections because you’re up at this unbelievable record high and then it falls 10 percent, and it feels horrible at the time, you need a Xanax drip, but calm down, it happens.”