Live On CNN, Michael Moore Bashes CNN

By Brian 

Michael Moore provided ten minutes of fireworks during the 5pm hour of The Situation Room Monday.

“He’s denouncing Wolf Blitzer as if he were some sort of corporate, Bush apologist stooge — after Wolf dared to ask a critical question about ‘Sicko,'” this blogger says.

Raw Story says “Moore argued that CNN has such a lousy track record of reporting the truth about the war in Iraq and asking tough questions, that Americans should be skeptical of their reporting on health care.”

Moore was upset about Dr. Sanjay Gupta‘s setup piece fact-checking Sicko; he seemed to mock Gupta’s name at the end of the ten-minute interview. It’s worth watching:

> Update: 10:57am: “Wolf lost total control of the interview, being forced to defend his network’s own talent while being badgered for ten minutes on air by the film star,” a surprised e-mailer remarks…

> Update: 12:32pm: “Actually it was amazing how well Wolf navigated through a nearly impossible interview circumstance in which nearly every other cable news personality would have reacted by ending the interview, cutting off Moore’s mic, or resorting to personal attacks,” another e-mailer says. “Blitzer managed to weave through a combative Moore, responding to his attacks while defending the network and Gupta, eventually calming him down enough to continue a taped interview for another ratings bonanza later today. Bravo Wolf!”