Live-Blogging From Las Vegas: A Tease

By Brian 

TVNewser NAB-RTNDA blogger Scott Baker, an anchor at WTAE in Pittsburgh, has touched down in Las Vegas:

“The staff and management of TVNewser clearly had a serious lapse in
strategic clarity and entered a dangerous realm — allowing a local
news guy into the RTNDA blog fray. Bad mistake.

My RTNDA Blog Mission Statement is simple. Zero whining mentions of
how past RTNDA’s were better.

My invitation to you, one born from years in the local news
trenches, might go something like this:

Next week on TVNewser, Exclusive (!), and Only on TVNewser, nearly
live coverage of a nearly secret world that affects every part of
your life. The News People and Their Hidden World of Influence. Are
you in danger? Check for answers starting Sunday.

We’ll be looking live…as Shep Smith moderates.

Plus…Dan and Tom on Decades in The Chair.

And Charlie…on Coming so Close.

We’ll have the agents, the jobless, the sleepless, and Regis!

And a shocking TVNewser investigation — the buffet bacteria counts
at the CNN party.

It’s breaking blog news…you can sorta use.

Exclusive convention coverage you can count on.


Plus fair. That, too.

All next week.. on the place you click to for the news about the news.”