Listen: Dave Price’s Cross-Country Adventure

By kevin 

CBS’ Dave Price, “Early Show” weather anchor, called in this morning to the Morning Media Menu from Omaha, Nebraska where he is halfway across the country in his journey back to NYC.

Last Thursday, Dave was shipped off to Santa Monica, CA and given $50 and instructions to find his way back to the CBS studio on his own by this Friday morning. We spoke with Dave ahead of his trip and today, he was able to give an update on his progress.

So far, Dave’s worked at a bakery, flown on a family’s single-engine plane, detailed cars, and cleaned a frat house bathroom. He also discussed how this truly interactive assignment has been facilitated by social networking sites like his Twitter. He also wanted to know: “Would Al Roker do this? Would Sam Champion do this?”


Today’s show was hosted by TVNewser with GalleyCat editor Jason Boog. You can listen to all the past podcasts archived at or download episodes for free on iTunes.

After the jump, you can see a video of Dave sorting beef from today’s “Early Show” plus some pictures Dave’s taken on the road so far.

“The view from my room was amazing – oh I forgot, I didn’t have a room.”

“A shot of the beefy weatherman.”

“Does anyone know what time it is? What day it is? What month it is? I’ve been driving forever.”

“Ice road truckers got nothing on us….”

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