Lisovicz Tries To Interview Bush At NYSE

By Brian 

Susan Lisovicz scored an impromptu interview with President Bush during his surprise visit to the NYSE this afternoon. She used her lapel mic as Bush neared her position on the floor of the stock exchange.

“Welcome to Wall Street. Welcome to Wall Street,” the excited Lisovicz shouted to Bush. “Good to be here,” he said. First she tossed a softball, asking about the reception he was receiving. “I’m impressed and grateful,” he said. Then she went for the fast pitch: “Do you think it’s warmer than on Capitol Hill right now?” He didn’t answer.

Later, Lisovicz told Kyra Phillips: “I don’t know if you saw the glance he gave me after I asked him if he would have an easier time with Capitol Hill, but it was sort of a suspicious glance and he covered the microphone.”

CNBC’s Bob Pisani didn’t have any luck asking Bush a question…

> Also: An e-mailer says Lisovicz was “gushing over the President like it was a rock concert…”