Lisa Ling: ‘OWN is hands down the best place I’ve ever worked’

By Merrill Knox 

Lisa Ling is the subject of Mediabistro’s latest “So What Do You Do?” interview. Ling, a former host of “The View,” is the host and executive producer of “Our America” on OWN. She shares her thoughts on interview techniques, what makes a good listener, and her former show with Mediabistro:

It seems like cable channels such as OWN and HD Net have really provided a fertile, new home for investigative journalism. Do you have complete freedom as to what to cover? And how different is your OWN environment from when you were doing reports for Nightline or National Geographic?
I am so lucky to work for OWN. It is the most creative freedom I’ve ever had in a job and I am so incredibly grateful for that. I also have a great deal of respect for the OWN executives who oversee our show. We really operate in such a collaborative way, and I love it. I’ve never felt pressure to do anything about which I have felt uncomfortable. OWN is hands down the best place I’ve ever worked.

What are your thoughts on all the changes in hosts The View has gone through, and do you ever miss being on the show? 
Given how long the show has been on air, there hasn’t been that much change. I had a great time as co-host, but I don’t regret for a second where I went from there. The only time I really miss being on The View is during election seasons. It really is a terrific forum in which to discuss politics in a serious but entertaining way.