Levy, of “The Most Radical Show on Cable News,” Talks Media on the “Menu”

By SteveK 

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Red Eye ombudsman Andy Levy joined us this morning on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast, a few hours after the show aired on Fox News.

Levy describes the program as “sort of a surreal roundtable,” and one that wouldn’t work on any other network. “Fox gets fairly regularly bashed, and yet here they are doing a show…and having the balls to do a show that frankly CNN or MSNBC or any other network wouldn’t do,” he said. “It’s probably the most radical show on cable news right now.”

Levy’s career path took him from the West Coast to the East Coast, from publicist to “TV’s Andy Levy.” “It went from Hollywood to The Huffington Post to FOX,” he said. “Yeah, it’s a little bizarre.”

Levy also gives his take on the “mainstream media” — in the context of Charlie Gibson’s defense. “I think a lot of people who trash the mainstream media make their living from trashing the mainstream media, or linking to it and then trashing it, and would be out of a job if there were no mainstream media,” he said.

We also talk about Twitter’s growth (follow Andy at @AndyLevy), the prospect of paying for content on the internet, and experiment with taking listener calls.

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