Lester Holt Gets a Surprise Visit on his First Day as Nightly News Anchor

By Chris Ariens 

HoltTodayLester Holt returns from vacation, with a new job: anchor of NBC Nightly News.

This morning on the Today show, Holt said he’s going to “savor the day and then it’s back to work.” He also got a surprise visit from his wife Carol and sons Stefan, who is an anchor at WMAQ in Chicago, and Cameron, who works on Wall Street. Stefan Holt chatted with Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources Sunday.

Holt has been filling in on Nightly News since February when Brian Williams was suspended for jeopardizing the trust of the news organization by embellishing stories about his reporting. On Thursday, NBC announced Holt would be named the new anchor while Williams moves to a role with MSNBC, where Holt got his start in 2000.


“It was a strong broadcast when I started filing in for it,” Holt said of Nightly. “It’s a great group of people who’ve kept their heads down through some tough times.”

Holt, who also anchors Dateline NBC and had been anchor of Weekend Nightly News and co-anchor of Weekend Today, says he’s always willing to pitch in on the network’s morning show, but wasn’t so sure if he’d be participating in the Halloween broadcast. “Uh…. Let’s talk,” he said.

We’ll be interviewing Holt about his new job and about how NBC News moves forward following the Williams debacle.